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2011-01-26 02:04 pm

what. a. weekend.


so, um. I attended my first "con" this weekend. the name of which i had to explain to my mother too many times to count "so what do they mean 'con'?"

anyhow, I went along with a friend from work and her sister who are pretty much veterans of the game so they got to show the noob around. I didn't exactly plan my schedule very well since i ended up missing all the panels i wanted to attend due to volunteering but hey, by volunteering, I didn't have to pay for the con so that was a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I didn't end up wearing the costume I'd planned to wear due to a minor malfunction on my part. :/ oh well. better planning next year i guess. And while there are many parts i hope to have repeated next year, there are others i hope to modify, or delete all together.

here are the gritty details, possibly scandal, probably tmi... )

it was an awesome, dumb, and awesomely dumb weekend. I <3ed it

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2011-01-19 07:13 pm

so guess what...

I kinda suck at blogging. any blog i started after, oh, say...2007 is rarely updated on a regular basis. we usually have a really nice honeymoon period where i'm all "hey bloggy, here are some neat words and pictures and junk for you" but then after a couple weeks i end up ignoring my poor blog as if i found it cheating on me with some hot puerto rican babe in our honeymoon suite or something.

i dunno wtf was up with that first paragraph...all i know is that today i was out in ann arbor dog sitting til 3pm, but didn't have to work until 6 and 3 hours is not really enough time to justify driving 30 minutes home and hanging out for an hour or 2 before driving back out to ann arbor, during rush hour, for work. so basically, i got some food and sat in my car reading until i finished my book, and then played angry birds and other junk on my phone until i realized i was killing the battery and kinda need it in case i crash and die on the way home and whatnot. so then i sat in my car like a weirdo deciding what to do (i didn't want to go sit in work cause i'm totally anti-social and would feel weird) and then i went to the drugstore and bought a bunch of neat nail polish because my friend and i decided a couple weeks ago to put fake nails on and then she fucked one of her real nails up trying to take them off so she has to wear them until it heals so she's making me wear them too for moral support but this has now stemmed a desire to buy tons of nail polish i'll never use
ignore the crappy glue job, they kept falling off and i suck at glue. )these are a neat iridescent purple that turns kinda green when the light hits it a certain way with black tips. I call it bug but purple cause it totally reminds me of these dudes:

I also have a ton of neat eye shadow pics that i've been too lazy to post.

here's today's )

the lids are an iridescent purple with sparkly black lining the lash line halfway in from the outside and silver on the brow bone.

they match my awesome shirt that a co-worker made for me!
it's BeepB00p (our work chat room jester) as a cylon, wearing an apron, holding a cupcake!
isn't that basically the awesomest shirt ever? I'm kinda think so.
she silk screened it herself! <3

don't mind the weird inflated balloon look i've got going on, i had to pull it down to get the wrinkles out.

here's some neat purple liquid eyeliner i bought recently on a trip to ulta with my nail friend. (i've been on a secret purple kick apparently?) )

*i see whatcho did thur*

and here's some sweet silver with a cool brick red orangey-ish streak and glitter on the lower lash line )

i was pretty impressed with my hair that day. wish it would behave like this all the time and that my bangs wouldn't grow 560 feet a second forcing me to do a hack job and trimming them every week.


 So this weekend i'm planning to go to ConFusion with a friend/co-worker and her sister. it'll be my first con guys! I'm kinda geeked. i totally plan on wearing my Lady Vader ) costume for the duration part of the weekend. i also plan on getting some way better pictures since the costume's been updated since halloween and the only 2 pics i have of it are pretty crap quality. (costume was totally thrown together last minute.)

in conclusion, i use the word "neat" far too often.
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2011-01-05 11:40 pm
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(no subject) hair is pretty much napalm orange now... )

also, purple and blue eyeshadow.



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2011-01-04 10:18 pm

new hair

so i used to dye my hair all the freaking time, but at some point last year i decided to stop dying it for a bit and try to let it grow back into it's natural color...whatever it was. my hair's always been interesting. when i was born it was super blonde, i mean, almost white...then it turned brown and straight...then at some point in high school it started turning a strawberry blonde and got curly (weird right?) then i decided it was to inbetweeny as far as color went and i didn't want to be a blonde, so i went with red...and it's been many a shade of red since with the occasional black, or striped, or whatever thrown in. well today i decided that i was bored with my hair again and still had a few boxes of random red hair dye lying around and a couple free hours before trivia dinner with my mom so i went to work at making my bathroom look like a murder scene. (i can't seem to dye my hair without making a huge mess.)

anyhow, the change in hair made me feel creative and that added with my anticipation and excitement to start doing the prompts for [community profile] shadowplayers made me want to play with some eyeshadow. so i looked to my current t-shirt for inspiration and did a color sceme based on boba fett. yup

check it )
sadly the colors aren't nearly as vibrant as they are in real life but oh well, it's gets the idea across. :)
i also got this sweet and addicting new app for my phone and it makes me want to take ultra myspacey photos
and here's a cupcake. )


I went and edited this to put cuts in and now there's an extra div and it's gonna stay there because i'm way too lazy to find it.

EDIT: found it. :D
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2011-01-04 12:20 am
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well hello!

hello blogosphere,

I've been suckered into invited to create an account and waste even more hours of my life on awesome yet unproductive things join the [community profile] shadowplayers community by my boss, [personal profile] general_jinjur. I'm pretty excited to break out my eyeshadow, and buy more new and exciting eyeshadows/pigments/whatever else i decide to smudge on my eyelids and be creative!


I guess I'm going to make this my "geek blog" and use this place to gush about my creepy attraction to helmeted sci-fi characters, feministic take on video games, and my historically and stereotypically non-feministic infatuation with spending time in the kitchen in an apron making food for other people. (what?! I have an intense need to provide...specifically cupcakes...don't judge me!)

update: after editing this entry times within maybe an hour of posting it, I'm starting to realize that i'm way out of practice with this whole blogging thing. crap.