Jan. 4th, 2011

well hello!

Jan. 4th, 2011 12:20 am
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hello blogosphere,

I've been suckered into invited to create an account and waste even more hours of my life on awesome yet unproductive things join the [community profile] shadowplayers community by my boss, [personal profile] general_jinjur. I'm pretty excited to break out my eyeshadow, and buy more new and exciting eyeshadows/pigments/whatever else i decide to smudge on my eyelids and be creative!


I guess I'm going to make this my "geek blog" and use this place to gush about my creepy attraction to helmeted sci-fi characters, feministic take on video games, and my historically and stereotypically non-feministic infatuation with spending time in the kitchen in an apron making food for other people. (what?! I have an intense need to provide...specifically cupcakes...don't judge me!)

update: after editing this entry times within maybe an hour of posting it, I'm starting to realize that i'm way out of practice with this whole blogging thing. crap.

new hair

Jan. 4th, 2011 10:18 pm
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so i used to dye my hair all the freaking time, but at some point last year i decided to stop dying it for a bit and try to let it grow back into it's natural color...whatever it was. my hair's always been interesting. when i was born it was super blonde, i mean, almost white...then it turned brown and straight...then at some point in high school it started turning a strawberry blonde and got curly (weird right?) then i decided it was to inbetweeny as far as color went and i didn't want to be a blonde, so i went with red...and it's been many a shade of red since with the occasional black, or striped, or whatever thrown in. well today i decided that i was bored with my hair again and still had a few boxes of random red hair dye lying around and a couple free hours before trivia dinner with my mom so i went to work at making my bathroom look like a murder scene. (i can't seem to dye my hair without making a huge mess.)

anyhow, the change in hair made me feel creative and that added with my anticipation and excitement to start doing the prompts for [community profile] shadowplayers made me want to play with some eyeshadow. so i looked to my current t-shirt for inspiration and did a color sceme based on boba fett. yup

check it )
sadly the colors aren't nearly as vibrant as they are in real life but oh well, it's gets the idea across. :)
i also got this sweet and addicting new app for my phone and it makes me want to take ultra myspacey photos
and here's a cupcake. )


I went and edited this to put cuts in and now there's an extra div and it's gonna stay there because i'm way too lazy to find it.

EDIT: found it. :D

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