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so, um. I attended my first "con" this weekend. the name of which i had to explain to my mother too many times to count "so what do they mean 'con'?"

anyhow, I went along with a friend from work and her sister who are pretty much veterans of the game so they got to show the noob around. I didn't exactly plan my schedule very well since i ended up missing all the panels i wanted to attend due to volunteering but hey, by volunteering, I didn't have to pay for the con so that was a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I didn't end up wearing the costume I'd planned to wear due to a minor malfunction on my part. :/ oh well. better planning next year i guess. And while there are many parts i hope to have repeated next year, there are others i hope to modify, or delete all together.

We kicked the weekend off in the game room which I had volunteered to reign over for a while that evening and co-worker and I decided to play jenga to kill time. a couple of guys (who from now on shall be referred to as "jenga minions") walked in to see what was going on in the room and caught a glimpse of our awesome game and joined us for another rousing round which included a lot of them flirting painfully with me "you are a jenga goddess!!! here let me help you with that block. *wink*" (really, that's your pick up line?). don't get me wrong, they were cute and all, but they were young (at least one was under 21) and I'm not currently looking thanks to the wonderful Neil, but if he and I don't work out, I'll be sure to call them up for a hot game of jenga and marathons of star wars (actually, that  be a pretty sweet date...). I then spent a while being consuite host which entailed making a shit ton of mojitos for which I was revered and loved. I obtained many high fives.

Saturday afternoon was spent missing all the awesome panels while working the reg table, but we had a lot of fun Saturday night wandering around the room parties, meeting new people, discussing awesome nerdy things, and eventually deciding to play drunk jenga. none of us were really drunk per say, but we had partaken. and then the rest of the evening I proved to myself that I'd forgotten how to drink over the many years of being the only sober one and playing drunk-sitter for my friends and kept enjoying the many drinks that were put into my hands (what?! they were tasty! ). I'm pretty sure i made a fool of myself a few times, but nothing too serious. I was told I was entertaining which totally makes it ok...right?. alcohol makes me like cold pizza and starbursts and everybody around me. I ended up hanging out with my jenga minions and their female roommates for a while Saturday night. One of the girls and I decided that we're yin and yang since we both have this Celtic knot necklace but hers has onyx in it and mine has moonstone (makes total sense right?) and I was all "you can't split us up! we're ying yangs!" but when i started to realize that their female roommates also enjoyed me quite a bit (nothing wrong with that, i'll take all the compliments I can get) so I decided to call it a night before I said anything I regretted since i had already kinda of giggled at the one young guy and pinched his cheeks while telling him something along the lines of how he was cute but cute like a baby. (not by any fault of his own cause if i weren't taken and like, 6 years older than him, he'd be totally date-able...maybe?). I later ran in to older young jenga minion who then followed me around making social interaction and navigation possible for me. I wasn't so drunk i couldn't walk or talk or anything, i just didn't care to make any sense or find any reason in my wanderings. he pretty much kept me in one room with co-worker friend and carried things around for me since I was apparently too uninterested to do so myself. Somebody dumped an entire glass of blue booze of some sorts all down my arm which i made i big to-do about and then felt sad for the wasted drink. I then bought a white plastic cup that had a blue light up base that totally reminded me of the blue milk and the cups that Luke's aunt and uncle have in Star Wars. I eventually made it back into the game room to chill out for a bit until i decided i was tired enough for bed and during that time I apparently formed a "ginger club" with some red head dude and talked about age differences and how a 25 year old and a 35 year old probably have more in common than a 25 year old and oh, say, an 18 year old (hmm, I wonder what on earth could have sparked that idea) and then i realized that I'm a very different kind of nerd/geek/whatever from most of the people at that con (i can totally hold my own though, i used to play marvel vs.) I then hit up the consuite before bed and ate my weight in broccoli and snap peas cuz they're fucking delicious drunk or sober. veggies++ after con was done we stopped in at this cute little sushi place and proceeded to order enough sushi to feed an army. NOM I then drove home and drank like 4 gallons of orange juice, and went to sleep. 

it was an awesome, dumb, and awesomely dumb weekend. I <3ed it

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